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Criminal defense: 3 face drug charges in New York

| Nov 27, 2018 | Criminal Defense

An unexpected bust has led to the arrest of three individuals on Long Island, according to local authorities in New York. Police in Westbury have arrested three people after they were allegedly caught with drugs earlier in November. It is not clear at this time whether these individuals have retained criminal defense counsel, nor has a court date been announced publicly.

According to the police report, officers on patrol in Westbury happened upon a vehicle parked in a secluded and dark section of a movie theater parking lot. When police approached the vehicle that they believed was suspicious, they saw three people — two men and a woman — inside the car. These individuals were allegedly in possession of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine, though police did not clarify how they confirmed this estimation.

The woman and one of the men were arrested on-site. The second man reportedly attempted to flee and, when officers caught up with him, to fight the police before being subdued. All three individuals now face unspecified drug-related charges, and the man who attempted to flee will likely face additional charges.

While the specifics of the charges have yet to be made public, the personal rights of all three accused individuals guarantees them a fair trial here in New York. All three individuals will be represented by their own criminal defense attorney, who will carefully review all evidence brought forth by the prosecution to support the charges. They will also assess the circumstances of the police investigation and arrest process with a view toward identifying legal and factual issues to address in court.