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After DWI, cop may want to explore criminal defense options

| Dec 12, 2018 | Criminal Defense

New York state laws take a strong stance against drunk driving, and drivers charged with this crime could face time behind bars, steep fines and other negative consequences. A New York Police Department officer is facing all of these consequences and possibly more regarding a drunk driving arrest after a cyclist was struck with the policeman’s vehicle. The accused man will find it beneficial to consider criminal defense options at this time. The police officer was off duty when he reportedly ran a red light and caused a crash.

At the time of the accident, the off-duty cop was in his personal vehicle. Allegedly, he then exited his vehicle and told the cyclist that he was a law enforcement officer. The man is said to have stated that he did not see the cyclist, but allegedly admitted to people at the scene that he had drinks at some point that evening. The cyclist received medical treatment for pain in his back and neck, but he did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

The driver was taken into custody by law enforcement after he apparently refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test. The charges against him include DWI and refusal to take a breath test. It is not immediately clear if he will face additional charges for hitting the cyclist and causing injury.

At this time, he is suspended from the NYPD. Like others facing drunk driving charges in New York, this man will find it beneficial to take immediate action to explore his criminal defense options and protect his personal rights. With experienced guidance, it may be possible to effectively confront DWI charges and fight to mitigate the consequences as the case proceeds through the criminal justice system.