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Criminal defense: 1 faces murder charges in New York

| Dec 18, 2018 | Criminal Defense

The Bronx was the site of tragedy following the death of a 17-year-old in an alleged altercation. New York police have arrested two individuals in connection with this serious crime, one of whom has since been charged with murder. It is unclear whether either of these individuals has retained criminal defense counsel at this time, nor is it clear if they remain in police custody. 

The details of the alleged incident are still being reviewed and collected by New York authorities, but it has been confirmed that around 6 p.m. the night of Dec. 10, the victim became involved in some kind of dispute with the two accused individuals. One of the two, whose age was not recorded in this report, is accused of pushing the 17-year-old between two parked cars and onto the street. As a result, the 17-year-old was struck by an ambulette van. 

The victim succumbed to injuries suffered in this impact some time later. One man has been charged with assault, robbery and murder, while the other, an 18-year-old, also faces charges of assault and disorderly conduct. Police say they are still determining the reason for the dispute, indicating an ongoing investigation. 

The death of a young person is always tragic, but a wrongful conviction for a charge as serious as murder is also a tragedy. This is why both individuals involved in this incident will be represented by experienced criminal defense attorneys during the trial process. These attorneys will be tasked with not only building compelling cases in defense of their clients, but also in ensuring the rights of their clients are honored throughout the process.