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Criminal defense: Doctor faces drug charges

| Dec 26, 2018 | Criminal Defense

A doctor in western New York is facing serious allegations pertaining to alleged importation of illegal narcotics, according to local sources. Federal authorities in New York arrested the doctor, who has worked for years in drug rehabilitation programs, and accused him of importing cocaine and heroin into the country. He has since appeared before a U.S. magistrate, and the doctor is likely focused alongside his legal counsel on preparing a meaningful criminal defense. 

According to the unusual report, police first became aware of the doctor’s alleged activities back in November, after a package mailed from Germany was intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers. Reportedly, K-9 units on the scene detected drugs in the package, and it was later revealed the package contained 3 grams of cocaine. As a result, an investigation into the doctor’s activities and packages was begun. 

Later, according to the authorities, more packages were intercepted, which included one package containing brown rock-like substance, and later tested positive for heroin. On Dec. 17, police initiated a controlled delivery to the doctor’s home. The parcel allegedly containing cocaine was swapped out for a parcel with a sham, and was delivered by law enforcement agents. When the doctor accepted the package, officers arrested him. He stands charged with importing a controlled substance. 

Drug charges against doctors can be extremely detrimental, as a medical professional can lose his license in addition to facing serious jail time and fines if convicted in criminal court. In this case, the doctor will be represented by a criminal defense attorney who will likely wish to recognize the doctor’s contributions to the anti-drug movement in New York as part of a compelling defense. In addition, his attorney will work to ensure his rights are fully honored throughout the trial process.