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Criminal defense: Drug and weapon arrest in Rockland

| Jan 8, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Rockland police have reported the arrest of a man from Nyack on suspicion of drug- and weapon-related crimes. New York authorities arrested the 66-year-old man in his home back in December. He was arraigned on Jan. 1 and was expected back in court with his criminal defense representation on Jan. 4. In between, he was remanded on $100,000 bail.

According to police, the man is believed to have left three separate handguns, all legally registered to him in the state of New York, at hotels in Las Vegas. As a result, the man was stripped of his pistol permit. New York authorities required him to hand over any other weapons in his possession when he returned home.

However, when authorities entered his home to retrieve the weapons, they say they found much more than they were expecting. The man is accused of owning multiple illegal assault weapons with rounds and rounds of ammunition, all housed in high-capacity magazines. Police also say they found marijuana, though they did not mention the amount. The man was arrested and charged with eight different felony weapon charges, as well as almost thirty other misdemeanors.

Weapon crimes are taken very seriously both here in New York and elsewhere in the nation. In an era dominated by mass shootings, caution is the better part of valor. However, this does not mean innocent people should be caught up in law enforcement’s attempts to curb the issue. The man’s criminal defense attorney will work to build a strong case in defense of the man’s gun ownership rights when he faces trial.