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Criminal defense: New York man faces serious drug charges

| Feb 13, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A man accused of transporting some 60 pounds of marijuana has been taken into custody, according to state officials. The 34-year-old man, who hails from Brooklyn, New York, was arrested on Feb. 8 after a routine traffic stop. He is currently being held without bail at a correctional facility and was due to appear for arraignment in Third Division Court on Feb. 11. While the report did not clarify whether he had retained criminal defense counsel at this time, he is legally mandated to be represented when he faces arraignment and for the duration of the criminal trial. 

According to police, the man was driving a van on Route 95 around 11:15 a.m. when he was pulled over for what officers called a motor vehicle violation. The specifics of that violation were not included in the report. However, police apparently had reason enough to search the van, whereupon they discovered what they believed to be some 60 pounds of marijuana, as well as over a thousand dollars in cash. The approximate street value of the drugs would be $120,000 if officers are correct in identifying the substance.

The man was arrested and charged with manufacturing, possessing and delivering a Schedule I substance over 5 kilograms, as well as possession with the intent to deliver and manufacture. If he is found guilty, he could face years of jail time. No further updates were available as of this report. 

The man will be represented in a New York court by a criminal defense attorney, either of his own retainment or as assigned by the court. This attorney will work to clear his name of the charges filed against him. Likely, this process will include a careful review of all the facts of the case, as well as any evidence the prosecution wishes to bring before the court.