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Criminal defense: New York woman charged with fraud

| Mar 27, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A woman accused of stealing money from a charity is facing serious jail time if she is found guilty. New York prosecutors have confirmed the 68-year-old former treasurer of a New York Police Department charity may have stolen some $410,000 meant to support families of officers killed in the line of duty. If she is found guilty of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft, she could face a minimum of two years in prison, and a maximum of 30 years. She is likely focused on preparing her criminal defense alongside her legal counsel.

According to prosecutors, the charity organization brought in roughly $1.9 million in donations, mostly from employees of the police department. The release states the woman allegedly used the charity’s credit card and bank account to spend hundreds of thousands on herself and her family. Among the alleged charges are nearly $30,000 for her grandchild’s private school tuition, $45,000 in checks made out to family members, $32,000 in personal expenses, and $63,000 on her son’s legal fees. He had been previously charged in connection with a fatal car accident back in 2014.

The criminal division of the IRS has taken part in this investigation, accusing the woman of violating the trust inherent to her volunteer treasury position. It is believed the woman stole roughly 20 percent of all donations received between 2010 and 2017. She has been arrested and is now awaiting trial. 

If the woman is found guilty, she will likely face serious jail time, but the burden of proof rests with New York prosecutors with the assistance of the IRS to prove her complicity in this crime. Investigations of this type typically require considerable paper trails to be investigated in order to determine when and where the funds were misappropriated, if at all. Her criminal defense team will carefully review these paper trails in an effort to ensure a fair trial and to uphold the presumption of her innocence as the case is heard in criminal court.