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Criminal defense: New York cop accused of murder-for-hire

| May 23, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A police officer with the New York Police Department is facing career-ending charges after she was accused of attempting to take a hit out on her estranged husband as well as the daughter of her current boyfriend. New York sources have reported the woman is believed to have attempted to hire someone to kill both individuals, a scenario that seems to be supported by evidence. Her criminal defense attorney’s argument for bail was overruled, and she remains in police custody at this time. 

According to the bizarre story, the woman reportedly confided in her current boyfriend about her alleged plans to have her estranged husband murdered. The boyfriend reached out to authorities, who believed his story despite her father’s insistence that the boyfriend was lying. Police clandestinely arranged for an informant to meet with the woman, who allegedly handed over $7,000 in cash to be converted into gold coin currency with which to pay hit men. 

The plan apparently evolved to include killing her boyfriend’s teenage daughter, as evidenced by several taped conversations provided by the informant. A local detective gave her false news of her husband’s death, prompting the informant to record her concocting an alibi. The FBI provided her with further false information, and she was suspended from duty and taken into custody shortly thereafter. If she is found guilty, she could spend years in jail. 

Leaving aside her twelve-year career with the New York Police Department, anyone in this woman’s situation is entitled to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence. Cases involving informants and taped conversations can be extremely complicated with a great deal of room for human error. The woman’s criminal defense team will carefully review each report pertaining to the investigation to determine whether officers followed protocol and observed the woman’s constitutional rights throughout the process.