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Criminal defense vital when facing serious criminal charges

| Jun 13, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Circumstances often make one appear to be either guilty or innocent. In addition, emotions often play an important role in forming the public’s opinion regarding the individual. As a result, a strong criminal defense is often required whenever a New York resident finds him or herself facing serious criminal charges.

One New York family, who was living in a local hotel, recently reported their 8-month-old child missing. Law enforcement personnel responded to the 911 call and found the father, apparently without clothing, in the vicinity of the hotel. The father then directed the officers to a nearby pond where the child was discovered. Initial evidence suggests that the child drowned. The father was arrested; he is being held without bail and is facing first-degree murder charges.

This particular situation raises a number of questions which will need to be addressed. Public opinion in this matter will likely be formed based upon the father’s appearance when law enforcement arrived. Additionally, the fact that a child has died will create interest in and discussion and the case. However, public opinion is not what determines an individual’s guilt or innocence.

In a situation where the New York resident finds him or herself facing criminal charges, an experienced criminal defense team will be a significant asset. This team will need to ask the important questions related to the case, review the evidence and work to present the best defense possible before the court. Regardless of the circumstances or public opinion, guilt can only be determined in a court of law.