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Criminal defense: Woman faces murder charges

| Jun 4, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A woman believed to have allowed her child to die of a drug overdose is facing murder charges, according to local sources. The 23-year-old woman stands accused of killing her 1-year-old son. She is being held by New York authorities against $250,000 bail, in advance of a trial date that has not yet been announced. There is no word as to whether she has retained criminal defense representation. 

According to the limited information provided in the report, the woman discovered her child unresponsive sometime on Dec. 27, 2018. The infant was rushed to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead. By March of this year, coroners had confirmed the child’s death was caused by ingestion of several illegal narcotics. Police say the apartment where the woman lived was also used to package cocaine, heroin and fentanyl. 

Police raided the woman’s apartment after the death was reported. She was arrested on drug charges in January, which is when she was remanded to prison. The murder charges were filed following the coroner’s report confirming the child’s cause of death. 

Obviously the death of a child is a terrible tragedy, but murder charges are extremely serious. It will be up to New York prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the woman knowingly or recklessly exposed the child to narcotics leading directly to his death. Her criminal defense counsel will carefully review any evidence the prosecution wishes to bring before the court to assess its viability. Additionally, they will work to safeguard the woman’s constitutional rights throughout the trial process.