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Criminal defense: Brooklyn mom charged with manslaughter

| Aug 14, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A woman whose two toddlers died minutes apart from one another two years ago is facing criminal charges, according to local sources. New York police arrested the woman on Aug. 8 in the Bronx, and she now faces charges of manslaughter in the deaths of both children. If she is found guilty, she could spend years in prison. She was set to return to court on Aug. 13, alongside a criminal defense attorney. 

According to the report, back in 2017, the woman invited the man who was her boyfriend at the time to her home after putting her children to bed. She says they smoked marijuana and drank beer before falling asleep, but that she woke up hours later to find her children (aged 2 and 3) unresponsive in their beds. Police confirmed she made a 911 call, which resulted in the children being rushed to a local hospital. Both children were later pronounced dead. 

At the time, doctors told police the children suffered from severe asthma which may have led to their deaths, but that older injuries were found on the bodies consistent with child abuse. Since then, it has apparently been determined that asthma was not the cause of death in either case, and the case has been reopened following a thorough review by New York authorities. The woman is currently being held on $100,000 bail. 

The tragedy of a child’s death cannot be overstated, but it is vital that the mother accused of causing these deaths has the opportunity to face the charges against her in a fair and balanced setting. New York prosecutors carry the burden of proof to prove the formal charges against her in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. In the meantime, her criminal defense representation will work tirelessly to build a compelling defense against the serious charges pending against her.