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Criminal defense: Father accused of killing infant son

| Aug 27, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A man in Queens is facing charges of manslaughter after authorities have accused him of shaking his infant son to the point of death. New York authorities say the child was found unresponsive on Aug. 16 and was later pronounced dead. The man has since been arraigned and is now in custody against $150,000 bail. He is likely focused on responding to the charges, alongside his criminal defense counsel.

According to the upsetting report, the father of the 7-week-old child called emergency services on Aug. 16. The child was found not breathing, and first responders rushed the infant to a children’s medical center in Queens, where he was pronounced dead three days later. The father told authorities that the child had fallen from his arms accidentally when he was attempting to handle his other son, aged 14 months. The man said he gave the infant a bath and briefly left the room, returning to find the child unconscious. 

A further investigation suggested that not only could the child not have been injured in the manner the father claimed, but that he showed signs of healing from injuries to his ribs suffered earlier in his short life. Coroners have posited the child may have been shaken so violently he suffered brain trauma, leading to unconsciousness and then death. If the father is convicted, he could spend years in prison. 

Obviously the death of a child is an unspeakable tragedy, which is why an investigation involving a parent must proceed carefully. Being accused of murdering one’s own child is an extremely serious allegation, and the man has every right to contest the charges against him in a New York court. He will be represented by a criminal defense attorney who will carefully review the facts of the case to determine the best way to challenge the accusation that the man is responsible in any way for the child’s death.