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Criminal defense: Man accused of stabbing woman on subway

| Aug 8, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A woman who was critically injured on a Brooklyn subway on the afternoon of Aug. 1 reportedly identified the man she says attacked her. New York police have arrested the 43-year-old man, who now stands charged with weapon possession, harassment and assault. No court date has been announced, and there is no word as to whether the man has retained criminal defense counsel. 

According to the report, around 2:30 p.m. on the day in question, an altercation between the 43-year-old man and the 23-year-old female, as well as an unknown woman who reportedly fled the scene and has not been located by police. The man allegedly stabbed the first woman in the stomach and arm at the Utica Ave. No. 3 train station, leaving her bleeding heavily. She reportedly pointed him out in the crowd before passing out from blood loss. 

The man was arrested by police, but it is unclear whether he remains in custody at this time. The knife police believe was used in the attack was recovered at the scene, and forensic investigation is underway. The woman remains in the hospital in critical condition, but she is thankfully expected to survive. 

An assault of this magnitude could lead to more serious charges, which means New York prosecutors will have to work to prove the man’s involvement in the alleged attack. His criminal defense attorney will carefully review any evidence, including the recovered knife, to assess their relevance and competence as evidence concerning the specified charges. This will take place as part of their larger strategy to build a compelling defense for the accused man.