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Criminal defense: 1 man charged with assault

| Sep 17, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A man in the Bronx is facing serious charges after the body of a deceased man was found in his apartment. New York authorities found the body in the 37-year-old man’s apartment in the Bronx on Sept. 13. While the man insists he had nothing to do with the death, he has been charged with several crimes, including assault and concealment of a human body. When his court date is announced, he will face these charges with criminal defense representation by his side. 

According to the unusual report, neighbors complaining of a foul smell reminiscent of “very bad garbage” emanating from the man’s apartment eventually called 911. Officers reported to the scene and found an unidentified man dead in the apartment. He was bound from his hand to his ankles with duct tape, and police discovered slash marks on his chest and wrists. It is unclear how long he had been dead by the time he was discovered, but there was some degree of decomposition. 

The owner of the apartment showed up during the police investigation and told officers he sublet the apartment to the victim. Police arrested him and charged him with assault, hiding a body and tampering with physical evidence. Neighbors interviewed by police described the suspected man as being somewhat mercurial and possibly mentally ill. 

A careful reconstruction not only of the accused man’s behavior, but also the steps that may have led to the body being found in his apartment, will be undertaken by New York police leading up to a trial date. The man’s criminal defense representation will be allowed to access and scrutinize evidence that the prosecution intends to offer in court. This will allow them to build a compelling case in their client’s defense.