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Criminal defense: 4 charged in alleged robbery and assaults

| Sep 3, 2019 | Federal Criminal Defense

Three men and one teenager in Brooklyn were arrested and charged with several robberies and assaults in the Williamsburg area, according to a report released by police on Aug. 15. Their’ ages range from 17 to 20 and all have been charged in connection with six different robberies and assaults. New York police are still trying to determine whether the four are linked to other robberies in the area. It is unclear whether the four remain in police custody.

A second victim was allegedly attacked by the same men a half hour later, followed by a third assault 10 minutes after that. Two of the men were arrested as a result of appearing on a surveillance video, while the others were arrested for unknown reasons. So far, no trial dates have been announced. 

The charges filed against these men could see them face fines and jail time if they are found guilty. However, all four will be represented individually in a New York court by criminal defense attorneys who will carefully review all evidence connected to the cases, including the surveillance footage that allegedly showed two of the men. This will be done as part of their larger plan to build strong cases against the charges filed against all four men.