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Criminal defense: Teen charged with terroristic threats

| Sep 9, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A 17-year-old student in New York has been charged with making threats of a terroristic nature against a Westchester County high school, according to local sources. The high school, located in the Village of Croton, received threats from an unknown source, prompting an investigation. The teen’s name has not been released due to age. Undoubtedly, the teen and/or his family are considering his criminal defense options. 

According to the school board and police in Westchester County, the threats received by the high school were violent in nature, but the specifics of the threats have not been made public. The school district reportedly received a tip from an anonymous source through the “Anonymous Alerts” portal on its website. The tip was forwarded to Croton Village police, who arrested the teenager on Sept. 5. 

The teen was arraigned that evening in the Village of Croton court. It is not clear whether the accused individual remains in police custody, or has been released into the custody of the parents. It has also not been confirmed whether the teen was a student of the targeted high school. The investigation is ongoing as of this report. 

Terroristic threats are taken extremely seriously here in New York, and with good reason. However, particularly given the age of the accused individual, it is extremely important that an investigation into the alleged threats is performed with the greatest diligence. The penalties for this type of crime could follow a young person for years, which is why a criminal defense attorney will work to ensure a fair trial throughout all criminal proceedings.