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Criminal defense: Police officer charged in alleged menacing

| Oct 16, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Two police officers were suspended and one now faces charges following a bizarre alleged altercation in a bar in Queens, according to local sources. A New York police officer has been charged with two counts of menacing after allegedly pulling his gun on a server, and the sergeant he was with has also been suspended. So far, no court date has been announced, but the man facing charges will surely be represented by a criminal defense attorney when the time comes. 

According to reports from the scene, the incident took place while the officer was off-duty at a karaoke bar on the evening of Oct. 8. Apparently the officer was carrying his sidearm and a server asked him whether he had gang affiliations. The officer reportedly identified himself as law enforcement before allegedly pulling the gun out and pointing it at the server. 

Sources on the scene said the gun’s magazine and several bullets then fell out onto the ground. The New York City Police Department suspended the officer and his companion on Oct. 12, and the officer was charged with menacing. An internal investigation is currently underway, and it is not known whether the officers are suspended with or without pay. 

Obviously this is a very troubling report for an officer in the NYPD to be accused of treating his weapon in such a dangerous and cavalier fashion. If he is found guilty of the charges in a New York court, he could stand to lose his job in law enforcement and may face jail time and others punishments. However, his criminal defense attorney will work to make sense of the facts of the case in an effort to clear him of the charges and protect his future.