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Criminal defense: Staten Island man charged with reckless driving

| Oct 3, 2019 | Criminal Defense

A 1-year-old Bronx girl is dead following a collision involving a driver police say was driving recklessly and without a license, according to local sources. New York authorities arrested the 22-year-old man, who was originally suspected of driving drunk at the time of the accident, though tests proved this to not be the case. No court date has been announced, but the man will be represented by a criminal defense attorney when his day in court arrives. 

According to the reports, it appears the man lost control of his vehicle while driving his SUV in the Bronx. His vehicle was turning right when the man lost control and struck a parked car. He then went on to jump the sidewalk and strike a stroller carrying the 1-year-old girl, who was being walked by her mother. The force of the impact crushed the stroller against a wall. 

Bystanders physically forced the car back and delivered the baby to her mother, both of whom were then taken to a local hospital. The child was pronounced dead while the mother was unharmed. The driver stayed on the scene and cooperated with police, who arrested him and charged him with reckless driving, driving with no license or insurance, and failing to yield to a pedestrian. 

The loss of a child is indescribably tragic, but it is important to note the man’s rights afford him a fair and balanced trial. When he appears in New York court, his criminal defense attorney will carefully review all the evidence and the report leading up to the tragic death to determine whether the man was indeed responsible. That attorney will use this research to build a compelling case in his defense.