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Reasons why many New York residents may drink alcohol

| Dec 19, 2019 | DUI/DWi

You might count yourself among those in New York who enjoy imbibing beverages containing alcohol on occasion. Maybe you’ve never considered yourself a drinker, but you do like to drink a cold beer or glass of wine or other beverage when you get together with friends or family for the holidays or go out on a date. On the other hand, you might also be one of thousands of others in this state who have struggled with an alcohol addiction.

If you were to conduct a survey to ask 100 people who admit to consuming alcohol on occasion or a regular basis why they drink, you might hear numerous different answers. You yourself might relate to one or more of the responses. When planning to imbibe, it’s always best to understand how alcohol affects the human body, and you should know where to seek support if a problem arises.

Does alcohol help you feel relaxed?

One of the most common reasons people typically give for wanting to drink alcohol is that it helps them feel more relaxed in social settings. Perhaps, you consider yourself on the shy side and feel like alcohol helps you let your guard down a bit to engage with others, make new friends or have a good time without feeling nervous about social interaction.

Some say alcohol helps relieve stress

College students often say that having a few drinks helps alleviate stress, especially when studying for finals or trying to keep up with the rigorous schedules often associated with post-secondary academics. Maybe your college days are long behind you, but your job is stressful. There’s nothing necessarily inherently wrong with wanting to come home and have a drink to de-stress. If it becomes a habit you feel you can’t control, it might be a problem.

Do you feel like you have to drink?

Peer pressure is often a significant factor in the lives of high school students. It doesn’t always end there, however. Many college students or adults in the workforce report feeling pressured by friends or co-workers to consume alcohol. Maybe you don’t even like the taste of alcohol but agree to have a few drinks because you want to fit in with a particular crowd.

Alcohol-related problems can be serious

Whether you use alcohol once in a while or frequently, it’s up to you to adhere to state laws and traffic regulations, especially if circumstances necessitate driving a motor vehicle. Consuming alcohol often goes hand in hand with legal trouble if the person drinking disregards the law or things get out of hand at a party, etc.

Not every legal problem ends on a negative note for the defendant. Knowing how to protect your rights and refute criminal charges are keys to obtaining a positive outcome if an alcohol incident lands you in front of a judge.