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Criminal defense: Man, woman charged in murder of son

| Jan 30, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A New York City police officer and his fiancée are facing serious charges following the death of the man’s autistic son, according to local sources. New York authorities arrested the pair after the body of their 8-year-old child was found in their garage, dead of exposure. They have both been charged with second-degree murder, and the man has been suspended from his position with the police. It is unknown whether they have retained criminal defense counsel. 

The detailed report lists an allegedly sordid history for the officer and his bride-to-be, both of whom have been suspected of child abuse in the past. Their other children, two sons and three daughters, had already been placed in a safe environment, according to the county child welfare agency. In addition, the officer’s estranged wife and mother of the three boys had repeatedly attempted to incite an investigation into the officer and his fiancée, fearing abuse. 

The couple reportedly called police to their home in the early morning of Jan. 17, where police found the officer and the boy in the basement. The man appeared to be performing CPR on the boy. The officer claimed the child had fallen in the driveway and lost consciousness, but subsequent examinations confirmed that hypothermia was a major factor in the boy’s death. The county medical examiner has since ruled the death a homicide. 

Accusations of homicide, particularly as it pertains to one’s own child, are horrific to contemplate. In this case, the accused man is also a New York police officer, and even the accusation alone could harm his career. This is why both he and his wife will be represented individually by skilled criminal defense attorneys who will carefully review every element of their tragic case. They will use their findings to build compelling defenses for these accused parents.