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Criminal defense: New York woman faces hate crime charge

| Jan 2, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A woman in Brooklyn who has been accused of slapping three different women in the face is now facing hate crime charges, according to police. New York authorities have charged the woman with attempted assault as a hate crime. She has been released without bail, but her criminal defense attorney could not be reached for comment. 

According to the report, the 30-year-old woman is believed to have assaulted three different women in the Crown Heights area. The alleged victims are between the ages of 22 and 31, and thankfully, all three reported only minor pain as a result of the attacks. Crown Heights is known for its large Jewish population, where a number of related incidents have been reported in the last month. Police intend to step up their presence in this area to discourage more attacks. 

It is not entirely clear from the report why police believe this woman’s alleged actions were racially motivated. However, they have remarked that all the reported attacks are believed to be motivated by anti-Jewish bias in the area. This makes a simple case of assault somewhat more serious, as a hate crime charge can have long-lasting repercussions for the accused individual.

Even if she is found innocent, the nature of the accusation can lead to reputation damage that could influence her ability to be employed in the future. This is why her criminal defense attorney will work to understand the specifics of the case in order to build her a compelling defense. She has already appeared for her arraignment in New York court, and will continue to be represented by a lawyer throughout the trial process.