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Criminal defense: State director in New York charged with assault

| Jan 23, 2020 | Criminal Defense

An official in the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing serious charges after being accused of attacking her partner and possibly endangering her child. Melissa Quesada, the New York State director of Latino Affairs, is believed to have committed the attack back in November. She is due back in court in early February, where she will be represented by a criminal defense attorney who will work with her throughout her court proceedings. 

According to the criminal complaint originally filed by the DA’s office in Westchester, Ms. Quesada is accused of leaving her infant child unattended in a tub before inciting an altercation with her former partner, the father of her child. The couple is now estranged as a result of the alleged attack. The indictment says the man suffered lacerations to his neck and became “harassed and frightened” as a result of her alleged behavior. The man filed a complaint with local police. 

Ms. Quesada was apparently on maternity leave when the dispute is said to have happened. She has been charged with misdemeanor assault with the intent to cause physical injury, as well as misdemeanor, endangering the welfare of a child. She is currently released on her own recognizance and is set to appear in domestic violence court on Feb. 4. 

This accusation could have serious implications for Ms. Quesada’s career as well as the custody of her child. If she is found guilty, she could face professional censure and a possible further court battle against her estranged partner. This is why her criminal defense attorney will carefully review all the facts that could contribute to this case. These facts will be analyzed as part of the process of building a compelling defense for the accused woman in New York court.