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Criminal defense: Woman accused of murder

| Mar 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense

An altercation turned deadly on Feb. 11 when one woman was apparently beaten to the point of death. The New York Police Department has arrested one of the three individuals implicated in the incident, which took place in the Bronx. The arrested woman has retained criminal defense counsel, and a not guilty plea was entered at her Feb. 28 arraignment. 

According to the information provided in the police report, it appears the 44-year-old female victim was using an ATM in a vestibule of a bank when the accused woman apparently banged on the glass, asking to be let in. Her lawyer has told authorities the woman had forgotten her bank card and wanted to retrieve it. The victim refused and left the bank, going across the street to a second bank where the alleged assault took place. 

The report says three people, one of whom is believed to have been the arrested woman, attacked the victim and damaged her belongings before kicking her down a flight of stairs. Police report that no bank card was retrieved from the vestibule. The victim filed a police report on Feb. 17 and went to the doctor a day later, complaining of pain in her head and chest. Despite the doctor’s recommendation, she refused treatment and returned home, where she later died of blood clotting. 

Murder charges pertaining to this case could be prosecuted in criminal court on a variety of points. The accused woman’s criminal defense attorney will carefully review the medical records of the victim as well as any evidence from the alleged assault to determine whether the accused woman was even involved and, if so, to what degree. The attorney will then go on to build a persuasive case in her defense, to be presented in New York criminal court.