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Woman would benefit from criminal defense after DWI

| Apr 9, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A New York woman is facing serious criminal charges after a drunk driving incident that resulted in damage to personal property. She is also facing charges that involve leaving the scene of an accident. At this point, she would benefit from developing a criminal defense strategy that allows her to effectively confront these charges and protect her future interests.

The DWI charges came after an investigation into an accident that left a mailbox damaged. Police were called to an area of Conesus after someone reported a pickup truck driving erratically. The vehicle was missing a tire, and the driver supposedly came close to hitting a guardrail multiple times. Police finally located the vehicle and made a traffic stop for suspected drunk driving.

At the scene of the traffic stop, police believed there was appropriate grounds to take the women into custody. At the police station, a chemical test of her blood alcohol content was 0.12%, which is over the legal limit in New York. The driver also has multiple instances of license suspension on her record. She was charged with first-degree aggravated unlicensed operation, leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in property damage and driving while intoxicated.

Regardless of her record, she has the right to vigorously defend her interests and pursue an outcome that possibly reduces the charges she is facing or the consequences of a conviction. She may find it beneficial to speak with a legal professional experienced in criminal defense before she pleads guilty or makes any important decisions that affect her future. An evaluation of her case can reveal what options may be available to her.