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Out-of-hand party in New York leads to need for criminal defense

| Jun 18, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Many New York residents like to party with their friends. It is logical to assume that the more guests that are present, the greater the chances that two or more party-goers might get into a disagreement. Then again, even a smaller gathering could get out of hand if two or more people have an altercation. A recent party ended in tragedy, and a person party-goers say was an outsider who crashed the party is now in need of criminal defense.

The 23-year-old man in question is facing charges for manslaughter and possession of a weapon used in a lethal attack. He is accused of stabbing another party-goer with an ice pick after the two reportedly had a verbal disagreement. Numerous other people were also involved in the altercation, including the boyfriend of the man who suffered fatal injuries.

The host of the party said the fight occurred just before midnight. There were approximately two dozen guests at the party. The man who was charged with multiple crimes is said to have been an uninvited guest who showed up after being in hiding for several weeks.

An experienced New York criminal defense attorney is typically the first person a defendant calls after being taken into police custody on suspicion of a serious crime. Such an attorney knows what strategies would be best employed to try to help minimize the long-term consequences of an arrest. An attorney will also make sure that a client’s rights are protected in court. Having an experienced attorney by one’s side in court also helps alleviate stress, especially when potential penalties under conviction are severe.