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Did you receive motivation to commit fraud in the workplace?

| Jul 16, 2020 | Employment Disputes

Working in a competitive environment may have been attractive to you. You may thrive on competition and enjoy using your skills and charismatic personality to reach certain goals. You may also enjoy working hard to please your employer and reaping the rewards that can come along with ensuring the company stays on the right track.

Unfortunately, it is possible for certain work environments and incentives to lead to misconduct in the workplace, namely fraud. Some workers may believe that they are bending the rules just a bit in order to make a sale or complete another important deal and that no harm will come from it. However, if the company ends up under investigation for fraud, you may understandably worry what that could mean for you.

Was there motivation to commit fraud?

Motivation to commit fraud can come in various forms, and, as mentioned, some workers may not truly feel as if they are making fraudulent deals. They may simply think they are doing what is necessary to reach their goals. In fact, one motivation you and your co-workers may have heard from management is to do whatever it takes to reach certain milestones. Some workers may take that encouragement literally, even if it means carrying out questionable practices.

Incentives could also come across as motivation to circumvent the law. If a worker has the chance to earn extra compensation or another attractive prize for reaching a certain goal, it is possible for the desire to receive that incentive to lead to unlawful action.

Did management uphold ethical standards?

It is also common for some in management to not have high standards when it comes to ethics. As a result, they may look the other way when someone carries out unethical practices or even encourage unethical acts to make certain problems go away. You and your co-workers may have even had concerns brushed off by management if they said that everyone bends the rules or misbehaves.

Are you at risk for charges?

If the New York company for which you work comes under investigation for fraud, you could potentially face charges depending on your position, your actions and your connections with the other parties suspected of fraudulent acts. As a result, it may be in your interests to start looking into your legal options as soon as you learn of an investigation. Preparing and understanding your options could help you handle any charges that may come against you.