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Did a resisting arrest charge leave you feeling shocked?

Dealing with a criminal charge may not have been in your plans. In fact, you may have considered yourself someone who always tried to do the right thing and did not go out of your way to make unnecessary trouble. However, when the time came to question the unseemly actions of another person, you likely did not hesitate to do so. Unfortunately, you may have questioned the wrong person and ended up facing a criminal charge.

Fully understanding drug charges may help when creating a defense

Even though laws are in place in order to help individuals avoid dangerous or unseemly situations, many people do not fully understand certain laws. As a result, you or any other New York resident could potentially end up facing criminal charges without even fully knowing that you broke the law. Of course, even if you do understand that certain actions fall outside the boundaries of legal behavior, you could make mistakes, wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time or face other circumstances that result in allegations against you.

Facing a federal bribery charge? Fight for your future

Bribery refers to offering or accepting anything valuable in exchange for being able to influence a government employee or public official. A bribe can be a gift presented or a monetary payment made to secure a government contract or award, for example. Bribes can also involve services, privileges, property or goods.

Challenging domestic violence charges with a strong defense

Although a vast number of domestic disputes involve little more than a heated argument, in some cases, the situation can grow out of hand, potentially becoming violent. Penalties for domestic violence are severe if a conviction is obtained, perhaps especially those that result in injuries.

You need a strong defense when facing white collar crime charges

Any type of criminal charge is serious, and you would be wise not to underestimate your situation if currently facing white collar crime charges. White collar crime is a term used to describe various types of federal crimes, and a conviction for any of these could lead to serious, life-altering penalties.

Don't let tax fraud accusations leave you feeling spent

As a working individual, you undoubtedly fall in line with numerous other people who consider dealing with taxes an inconvenience. Although taxes help fund various programs and institutions, seeing that money leave your paycheck can feel like a considerable blow to your financial situation. Nonetheless, you have a duty to ensure that you pay your taxes, because if you do not, you could face serious repercussions.

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