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If you are facing criminal charges you need an attorney that will represent your best interests and will fight for you.

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Zealous Defense Concerning Federal Criminal Charges

The federal government has virtually unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute alleged crimes. Federal law includes harsh sentencing provisions, including mandatory minimum prison sentences for many crimes. If you are facing a federal criminal probe or have been formally indicted, it is critical that you obtain substantial legal resources to defend against the charges.

The Experience Of Your Lawyer Matters In Federal Criminal Defense

Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, in Staten Island, New York, has extensive experience as a federal criminal defense attorney. He has zealously represented clients against all manner of federal charges, ranging from white collar offenses to drug charges to a federal crime carrying the death penalty. Due to extensive federal court experience, he has a deep understanding of the federal sentencing guideline provisions. He has appeared in six states and 10 different federal districts. The depth and breadth of his experience in federal court are tremendous advantages for clients facing federal offenses, no matter what the venue.

When you work with Leo V. Duval, he does not merely provide a cursory review of the allegations and look for the first offer from the prosecution. He provides a rigorous defense, tailored to each individual case. His deep knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines, alternative sentencing, mitigating factors and the safety valve is an important aspect of a comprehensive federal criminal defense. Leo V. Duval is an aggressive defense lawyer who will go the extra mile to seek creative solutions to fully represent his clients.

When lawyers talk about fighting for the best possible outcome, few can back up their talk with experience that includes the dismissal of numerous federal indictments. While no attorney can guarantee an outcome, Leo V. Duval has obtained outright dismissal of numerous indictments in federal court.

He knows how to build a defense. Whether that means working with law enforcement or private investigators to produce exculpatory evidence on behalf of clients, fighting the prosecution in pretrial motions, or taking the case to trial, he does what it takes to fully defend his clients.

Contact A Well-Respected Lawyer To Guard Your Rights — And Future

If you are under investigation or charged with a federal crime, contact Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, online or call 347-690-1777. He offers reasonable payment plans and is available any time of the day or night. His client-centered practice includes his willingness to make house calls in Staten Island and Brooklyn and throughout New York. Initial consultations are always complimentary.