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Extensive Knowledge Of Federal Sentencing Guidelines

For over 30 years, attorney Leo V. Duval, of Staten Island, has been defending individuals in state and federal court concerning almost every sort of criminal allegation. This includes representing individuals facing federal criminal charges in six different states and 10 separate federal courts. He has extensive experience in utilizing the federal guidelines on behalf of those he represents. This includes knowing what approaches to take to prevent prosecutors from increasing rather than reducing criminal penalties.

The Importance Of Having Experienced Representation When It Comes To Federal Sentencing

The federal sentencing guidelines are extremely difficult to understand and even more difficult to use as a negotiation tool with federal prosecutors. The sentencing guidelines provide prosecutors a great deal of discretion. This means that two individuals charged with the same crime may face a very different prison sentence. Sentencing may vary depending upon the seriousness of the crime and whether there have been any prior offenses.

There are also a large number of advisory and mandatory sentence provisions within the federal sentencing guidelines. The length of the sentence made may also vary depending on whether sentencing is consecutive (one has to serve one sentence before serving the next) or concurrent (sentences all run at the same time).

It is impossible for an attorney to negotiate for a reduced sentence without having an in-depth understanding of the sentencing guidelines. You need an attorney who can think on their feet and who understands mitigating factors that could lead to an earlier release. Mistakes made during negotiation with federal prosecutors can mean you will face a much longer prison sentence.

Use Of 5K1 Letters To Decrease Your Sentence

Federal attorneys sometimes write 5K1 letters to judges when someone facing federal charges cooperates with the government in some manner. While known as a “letter,” it usually comes in the form of a motion to the court rather than a letter. Sometimes such attorneys do write an actual letter to the judge. In other instances, a 5K1 motion is held off the record to keep such a matter confidential.

It is important to have experienced representation on your side when seeking a 5K1 letter from a federal prosecutor. A lawyer who cannot make the best possible case for you in such instances may deprive you of your best opportunity to serve a shorter sentence. It may also prevent you from receiving time served consideration from the judge.

Attorney Leo V. Duval will fight for you. He will challenge sentencing recommendations that seem unjust or have no basis. The representation he provides ensures your story is told and you receive fair consideration during the handing down of a sentence.

Making Himself Available For You

When facing federal charges, retain a New York attorney who will protect your rights and provide you the best opportunity for a reduced sentence or acquittal. Please contact Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, by calling 347-690-1777.