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Criminal defense: Police officer charged in alleged menacing

Two police officers were suspended and one now faces charges following a bizarre alleged altercation in a bar in Queens, according to local sources. A New York police officer has been charged with two counts of menacing after allegedly pulling his gun on a server, and the sergeant he was with has also been suspended. So far, no court date has been announced, but the man facing charges will surely be represented by a criminal defense attorney when the time comes. 

Criminal defense: Homeless man charged in multiple murders

A bizarre case in Chinatown has led to the arrest of an indigent man, who is believed to have murdered several other homeless individuals. New York authorities have arrested the 24-year-old homeless man, who stands accused of the killings of four other men. Police do not know what prompted these alleged attacks, but they do not believe they were racially motivated at this time. It is unclear whether the man has retained criminal defense counsel at this time. If he is not able to afford an attorney, one will be appointed for him in criminal court.

Criminal defense: Staten Island man charged with reckless driving

A 1-year-old Bronx girl is dead following a collision involving a driver police say was driving recklessly and without a license, according to local sources. New York authorities arrested the 22-year-old man, who was originally suspected of driving drunk at the time of the accident, though tests proved this to not be the case. No court date has been announced, but the man will be represented by a criminal defense attorney when his day in court arrives. 

Criminal defense: New York woman faces arson, murder charges

A 54-year-old Long Beach woman is in custody following the death of a 75-year-old man in Centre Island. New York authorities are charging the woman with both murder and arson in connection with the death. As of Sept. 21, no court date was announced. When she appears in court, she will be represented by a criminal defense attorney tasked with building a strong case in her defense. 

Criminal defense: 1 man charged with assault

A man in the Bronx is facing serious charges after the body of a deceased man was found in his apartment. New York authorities found the body in the 37-year-old man's apartment in the Bronx on Sept. 13. While the man insists he had nothing to do with the death, he has been charged with several crimes, including assault and concealment of a human body. When his court date is announced, he will face these charges with criminal defense representation by his side. 

Criminal defense: Teen charged with terroristic threats

A 17-year-old student in New York has been charged with making threats of a terroristic nature against a Westchester County high school, according to local sources. The high school, located in the Village of Croton, received threats from an unknown source, prompting an investigation. The teen's name has not been released due to age. Undoubtedly, the teen and/or his family are considering his criminal defense options. 

Criminal defense: 2 suspected gang members charged with murder

Two men with a history of violence and arrests have once again been taken into custody in the Bronx. The two men, suspected to be members of prominent gangs based in New York, are facing murder charges in the death of a 27-year-old man. The two men are currently in custody, and both are likely focused on preparing a criminal defense as their cases head to court. No court date has been announced. 

Criminal defense: Father accused of killing infant son

A man in Queens is facing charges of manslaughter after authorities have accused him of shaking his infant son to the point of death. New York authorities say the child was found unresponsive on Aug. 16 and was later pronounced dead. The man has since been arraigned and is now in custody against $150,000 bail. He is likely focused on responding to the charges, alongside his criminal defense counsel.

Criminal defense: Brooklyn mom charged with manslaughter

A woman whose two toddlers died minutes apart from one another two years ago is facing criminal charges, according to local sources. New York police arrested the woman on Aug. 8 in the Bronx, and she now faces charges of manslaughter in the deaths of both children. If she is found guilty, she could spend years in prison. She was set to return to court on Aug. 13, alongside a criminal defense attorney. 

Criminal defense: Man accused of stabbing woman on subway

A woman who was critically injured on a Brooklyn subway on the afternoon of Aug. 1 reportedly identified the man she says attacked her. New York police have arrested the 43-year-old man, who now stands charged with weapon possession, harassment and assault. No court date has been announced, and there is no word as to whether the man has retained criminal defense counsel. 

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