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Understanding federal sentencing guidelines before going forward

Not everyone faces charges filed by the state of New York. Some individuals here in the state find themselves facing criminal charges filed by the federal government, which means going through a similar but different process. As part of preparing a defense, it is important to gain an understanding of federal sentencing guidelines.

Criminal defense: 4 charged in alleged robbery and assaults

Three men and one teenager in Brooklyn were arrested and charged with several robberies and assaults in the Williamsburg area, according to a report released by police on Aug. 15. Their' ages range from 17 to 20 and all have been charged in connection with six different robberies and assaults. New York police are still trying to determine whether the four are linked to other robberies in the area. It is unclear whether the four remain in police custody.

Federal criminal defense: New York man faces terrorism charges

A man was arrested at Kennedy Airport after an alleged attempt to travel to Pakistan to join a terrorist group, according to U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman. The 29-year-old man was apprehended in New York and now faces serious federal charges pertaining to this alleged attempt. It is unclear at this time whether the man has retained criminal defense representation to support him in the upcoming case. 

Federal criminal defense may help accused estate attorney

When a loved one dies, the court may appoint an attorney to handle the matters of the deceased's estate. The family of the deceased may know little of the process of probate and rely on the attorney to handle matters in an ethical and forthright manner. Allegations of a breach of this fiduciary duty can lead to serious charges, and someone accused of mishandling estate assets may seek a strong federal criminal defense.

Federal criminal defense: Man accused of terrorism

A man is facing 28 federal charges following what has been called the deadliest terror attack since Sept. 11. The accused man, who is believed to have been responsible for an attack that killed eight people back in 2017, is now slated for a trial date in New York next year. He has retained federal criminal defense representation, but his attorneys have not spoken to the press at this time.

Don't take a charge of lying to the government lying down

If you are facing accusations of lying to a government official, you may understandably be worried about the potential consequences. This type of crime is far from a minor infraction, as it is a felony that can lead to prison time in the event of a conviction.

Mounting a federal criminal defense for organized crime charges

New York City has always been one of a handful of big cities in the United States where federal officials target certain individuals for allegedly being part of the mob. Those individuals are often accused of crimes such as racketeering and being part of a criminal enterprise, among other things. Mounting a federal criminal defense against organized crime charges can be a challenge.

Caterpillar facing investigation for alleged tax violations

If you are a business owner and a taxpayer, you are likely aware that the Internal Revenue Service is awaiting the arrival of your returns, unless you've been granted an extension. Paying taxes is never a fun proposition, but if you do your returns correctly and send the IRS whatever is owed, you should not have any issues.

Federal guidelines limit judges sentencing options

Facing federal charges is always a serious problem. Prosecutors representing the United States government are not going to use their resources to try a case without having a sense of certainty that there will be a conviction.  This means that if you are charged with a federal crime, you will have an uphill struggle when trying to defend yourself.

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