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What's The Difference Between DWI And DWAI In New York?

You've probably heard drunk driving referred to in several different ways. You might have heard of the acronyms DUI, DWI, DWAI, OVI or even BUI. Depending on your state and the severity of your offense, these acronyms can mean very different things. In Texas, for example, if you are over 21, you will be charged with DWI. If you are under 21, however, you'll be charged with DUI.

Poverty in Relation to Criminal Defense

We often see a correlation between poverty and crime. In cities where poverty is higher, there is usually a higher crime rate or a higher concentration of people who have committed a crime in the past. New York City has been famously known for some of its high poverty regions. Though these are declining, there are still areas where poverty concentrations are high. The average poverty percentage in New York City is 21%, with some of the highest concentrations located in the Bronx and Brooklyn.


Drivers aren't complying with Leandra's Law . . . ?

Where there's a will, there's a way - even when it comes to criminal penalties. One of the penalties for a criminal conviction under Leandra's Law is that drivers must install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. A recent audit found that only 5% of those convicted of DUI were complying with this stipulation.

Man faces charge after allegedly driving golf cart while drunk

Although being charged with any criminal act, whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony, can be extremely stressful, not all criminal charges are created equal. On top of that, the circumstances that lead up to the charge may be unique enough to warrant some kind of leniency in terms of the final outcome of the case.

How Accurate Are Breath Tests?

If you were pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, you might feel as though you are completely out of options. Whether you are asked to submit to a chemical test or field sobriety test, you will probably start calculating the dramatic impact that a DUI conviction will have on your job, bank account and ability to drive.

The difference between first-degree and second-degree murder

One of the scariest types of crimes that an individual can be charged with is homicide. In general, a homicide means that someone takes the life of another person, but it is not always a crime. For example, if an individual kills someone in self-defense, it may not be considered a crime.

‘Mob Wives’ actress arrested for allegedly punching woman

It’s never fun to get into a dispute, but once in a while it happens to all of us. Unfortunately, we have heard of many stories where a verbal dispute gets out of hand and becomes violent. On the other hand, we have also heard of very heated verbal fights that lead to accusations of violence that are later found to be unsubstantiated. These types of situations can get very sticky because they may involve scenarios where there are few or no witnesses involved.

Babysitter faces murder charge in Staten Island boy’s death

No matter what type of criminal charge someone faces, it is likely to be extremely frightening and stressful. When a person is charged with a crime, they might feel like they have to prove their innocence even though it is the government’s duty to prove their case.

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