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Criminal defense: New York man faces serious drug charges

A man accused of transporting some 60 pounds of marijuana has been taken into custody, according to state officials. The 34-year-old man, who hails from Brooklyn, New York, was arrested on Feb. 8 after a routine traffic stop. He is currently being held without bail at a correctional facility and was due to appear for arraignment in Third Division Court on Feb. 11. While the report did not clarify whether he had retained criminal defense counsel at this time, he is legally mandated to be represented when he faces arraignment and for the duration of the criminal trial. 

Criminal defense: Man charged with DWI in wife's death

A man from Tuscarora is in custody following a tragic snowmobile accident that claimed the life of his wife. New York law enforcement has charged the man with felony driving while intoxicated as well as several other charges. He is currently in a county jail without bail awaiting a trial date, where he will be represented by a criminal defense attorney. 

Criminal defense: 4 charged in alleged terror plot

Four people in Rochester, including a minor, are facing serious charges after an alleged plot was uncovered to attack a local Muslim community. New York police arrested three men, aged 20, 19 and 18, as well as a minor who is being charged as an adolescent offender. It is unclear at this time whether any of the four have sought criminal defense representation. 

Criminal defense: New York lawyer faces sex assault charges

A 35-year-old Brooklyn lawyer is in hot water after being accused of sexual assault, according to local sources. The New York man, who practices business law, was arrested on Jan. 4 after being accused of assaulting a number of women back in 2014 and 2015. He was expected in court on Jan. 10, at which time he would likely have been represented by a criminal defense attorney.

Criminal defense: Man accused of shooting nephew

A man in Watervliet is facing a serious charge after he allegedly accidentally shot his nephew, according to local sources. New York police were notified of the alleged shooting after the victim arrived at a local hospital. His uncle is currently out on bail in advance of a trial date, where he will be represented by a criminal defense attorney.

Criminal defense: Drug and weapon arrest in Rockland

Rockland police have reported the arrest of a man from Nyack on suspicion of drug- and weapon-related crimes. New York authorities arrested the 66-year-old man in his home back in December. He was arraigned on Jan. 1 and was expected back in court with his criminal defense representation on Jan. 4. In between, he was remanded on $100,000 bail.

Criminal defense: beautician charged with manslaughter

A bizarre case in the Bronx has led to the arrest of a beautician, according to authorities. New York City police arrested the 44-year-old woman, who was operating her business without a license, after an allegedly botched buttocks-enhancement procedure left another woman dead. She faces charges of manslaughter and unauthorized practice of a profession. She will be represented in court by a criminal defense attorney when she faces these charges at an unknown future date. 

Criminal defense: Doctor faces drug charges

A doctor in western New York is facing serious allegations pertaining to alleged importation of illegal narcotics, according to local sources. Federal authorities in New York arrested the doctor, who has worked for years in drug rehabilitation programs, and accused him of importing cocaine and heroin into the country. He has since appeared before a U.S. magistrate, and the doctor is likely focused alongside his legal counsel on preparing a meaningful criminal defense. 

Criminal defense: 1 faces murder charges in New York

The Bronx was the site of tragedy following the death of a 17-year-old in an alleged altercation. New York police have arrested two individuals in connection with this serious crime, one of whom has since been charged with murder. It is unclear whether either of these individuals has retained criminal defense counsel at this time, nor is it clear if they remain in police custody. 

After DWI, cop may want to explore criminal defense options

New York state laws take a strong stance against drunk driving, and drivers charged with this crime could face time behind bars, steep fines and other negative consequences. A New York Police Department officer is facing all of these consequences and possibly more regarding a drunk driving arrest after a cyclist was struck with the policeman's vehicle. The accused man will find it beneficial to consider criminal defense options at this time. The police officer was off duty when he reportedly ran a red light and caused a crash.

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