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Racketeering charges can go beyond organized crime

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act was enacted by Congress in 1978. The intent of this Act was to battle organized crime. Prior to the establishment of RICO, prosecutors faced much greater challenges when trying to convict the heads of organized crime rings.

Hedge fund executives indicted in large fraud case

If your business involves making frequent high dollar financial transactions, you must be very careful to make sure your practices fall within both state and federal regulations. Your finances will always be the subject of scrutiny by government officials and any act deemed as illicit could be the basis for a variety of very serious charges.

Rule 41 makes it easier for feds to hack computers

Having the data on your computer or the information on your personal accounts hacked can lead to a whole host of problems. But while it is not surprising to learn about unscrupulous parties who hack for purposes of mischief or personal gain, it is disconcerting to learn that agencies in the federal government now have more power than ever to hack the digital information of U.S. citizens.

Federal convicts spending more time incarcerated

Any and all criminal charges must be taken seriously. Conviction and incarceration can take years away from your life, and once you return to society, you will be saddled with a record that will permanently limit your opportunities. And this can be especially true if you are facing federal charges. You see, if the federal government is going to invest the time, money and resources it takes to arrest and convict you, it is only because it considers the acts you allegedly committed to be truly egregious.

Dealing with insider trading charges

Stock trading involves important information regarding the financial information of different companies. The misuse of this information to make profits is called insider trading. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has made laws to make sure stock trading is done legally, and nobody gains an unfair advantage. All traders and trading companies must comply with all securities laws. The SEC takes strict action against those involved in insider trading.

White collar crimes you could be charged with

Being charged with a white collar crime could lead to serious repercussions. The federal government takes white collar crime very seriously, and the FBI is mostly involved in the investigations. These strict measures as used to make sure public officers are not involved in white collar crimes.

Shield yourself from federal charges

There are crimes and then there are federal crimes. The nature of each can vary drastically. Federal crimes are those brought by the government, and the government has access to and can utilize a limitless number of resources to investigate and prosecute you. If you have been indicted or are on the receiving end of a federal investigation, you cannot put your future in the hands of an attorney who is not well-versed in federal charges.

Three legitimate reasons to have a shell company

Shell companies are not just for hiding illegal activities. It seems that any story picked up by the media about these legal tools focuses on their use for money laundering or other criminal wrongdoing. However, these structures have legitimate purposes.

Why am I being charged with money laundering?

When many people hear of a white collar crime, their minds automatically travel to Wall Street and plots of insider trading and embezzlement. But in truth, white collar crimes can be any number of crimes involving federal and state laws. Often the common denominator is a possibility of financial gain motivating someone to defraud or engage in some other illegal activity. Some charges that are brought against a person may be confusing and the person charged may believe they are guilty simply because they fail to understand what the charges against them mean as they struggle to decipher the precise legal terms.

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