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If tragedy leads to stricter weapons charges

We all have witnessed the tragedy unfold when a lone gunman walked into a nightclub in Florida and allegedly opened fire. With his finger on the trigger, he put his finger on the pulse of America, perpetuating an agenda on the lips of politicians everywhere, namely ISIS and gun control.

The issue of enforceable laws in different jurisdictions

From major to minuscule, you have made every effort to cover your assets and have a contract drafted for every deal and negotiation. Even still, if you have a deal that could fall through because it cannot be enforced within a certain jurisdiction based upon the laws governing that area, you could be at a real risk. 

The Miranda Rights reviewed

When you are in police custody for the first time in your life, you may realize how little you know about what happens next. You may also see that your very nature can be your downfall, especially when prosecutors are looking high and low for a criminal and your cooperation can be seen as a weakness that is more or less extrapolated on to a desire to put a pin in a case.

I really had no idea I was carrying drugs

It may be your worst nightmare come to fruition. It certainly is on the shortlist of the most dreaded circumstances for many. To face accusation for a crime that you didn't commit, to be found guilty and face the embarrassment, the disappointment and the far-reaching legal ramifications of an offense you were innocent of. No one believes you, or even if your family does, the media and almost everyone else now treats you as a common criminal. And now you have a record.

Understanding the degrees of manslaughter

While many states discuss manslaughter as being either voluntary or involuntary, in New York, the classification of manslaughter is done in degrees. What is considered to be involuntary manslaughter in some locations is second-degree manslaughter in New York. What is voluntary manslaughter elsewhere is first-degree manslaughter in our courts. Regardless of the terminology, what differentiates the two types of manslaughter remains essentially the same.

Harsh laws regarding controlled substances in New York

Drug crimes in the United States involve, but are not limited to, everything from possession, distribution, manufacturing, transporting and using illegal drugs and prescription drugs. Under New York Law, a controlled substance can be both illicit drugs such as heroin or cocaine, or prescription medication such as OxyContin or Vicodin (if you don't have a prescription for them).

When is a police stop a stop versus a "mere encounter"?

It may seem like a play of words, but in the legal world there's a big difference between a "stop" and an "encounter" with police. The highest court in Pennsylvania is taking a look at this distinction, which could have an impact throughout the country.

Poverty in Relation to Criminal Defense

We often see a correlation between poverty and crime. In cities where poverty is higher, there is usually a higher crime rate or a higher concentration of people who have committed a crime in the past. New York City has been famously known for some of its high poverty regions. Though these are declining, there are still areas where poverty concentrations are high. The average poverty percentage in New York City is 21%, with some of the highest concentrations located in the Bronx and Brooklyn.


Man faces charge after allegedly driving golf cart while drunk

Although being charged with any criminal act, whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony, can be extremely stressful, not all criminal charges are created equal. On top of that, the circumstances that lead up to the charge may be unique enough to warrant some kind of leniency in terms of the final outcome of the case.

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