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If you are facing criminal charges you need an attorney that will represent your best interests and will fight for you.

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Goal-Oriented Criminal Defense Services

A criminal arrest can be a frustrating, intimidating and disruptive experience for any individual. A person who has never had a brush with the law may not know where to turn to protect his or her rights. An individual who has experienced the criminal justice system firsthand may understand that the lawyer he or she chooses can make a big difference in the outcome of the case.

Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, has earned a reputation among court staff members, colleagues in the legal community, families and, most importantly, former clients as a creative and zealous criminal defense attorney who truly cares about his clients. As a former prosecutor, he can analyze the allegation and procedures used to obtain evidence from every possible angle.

The Kinds Of Criminal Defense Representation We Provide

When you retain Leo Duval to guard your rights, you will work one-on-one with a highly experienced defense lawyer devoted to going the extra mile — no matter how serious or complex your charges. With more than 25 years of experience, he has represented clients in nearly every imaginable circumstance and has tried cases in nearly every aspect of criminal law, including:

  • Domestic violence: Defending against domestic abuse allegations requires detailed knowledge of how the criminal court and family court handle domestic violence in criminal charges and restraining order matters.
  • Weapons offenses: New York weapons restrictions involve a wide variety of objects and are among the strictest gun laws in America. Defending against weapons charges requires deep knowledge of how the prosecution builds its cases.
  • Drug crimes: New York laws governing controlled substances are regarded as among the most draconian drug laws in the nation. Defending against drug offenses, including prescription medication violations, requires the tenacity of a trial-proven lawyer.
  • Sex offenses: Sex crimes include the real potential for prison time and sex offender registration. Regardless of the level of offense, your sex crime defense attorney must have a full command of the relevant laws and detailed experience in trial.
  • Murder and violent crimes: Crimes involving threats or harm to individuals are pursued with vigor in New York. The breadth and depth of experience of your murder or other violent crimes defense lawyer are critical to your future. Leo Duval has handled nearly 50 murder cases as both a prosecutor and defense counsel.
  • DWI charges and related matters: The laws governing alcohol- or drug-related driving offenses in New York can take decades to fully understand. Your DWI defense attorney needs to be well-versed in the criminal laws as well as collateral matters that can significantly impact your privilege to drive — including vehicle seizure and all motor vehicle issues.
  • Juvenile offenses: Juvenile offenses may be heard in family court or adult criminal court in specified circumstances. Your child’s future may rely on the knowledge and experience of his or her juvenile defense lawyer.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Here For You

To learn more about how New York criminal defense lawyer Leo V. Duval can be your tenacious legal advocate, send an online message, or call 347-690-1777. His client-centered approach to criminal defense includes making house calls in Staten Island, in Brooklyn and throughout New York City. Initial consultations are free. Reasonable payment plans are available.