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Comprehensive Domestic Violence Representation

Domestic violence matters are highly complicated. If you are facing family violence or abuse allegations, the short- and long-term consequences can be profound. In New York, the first problem individuals face is the high probability of being arrested.

In domestic assault cases, matters involving criminal charges, civil orders for protection and family court divorce proceedings can erupt. In the volatile area of domestic violence, the skills, knowledge and experience of your lawyer are critical to protect your rights.

Criminal Defense And Restraining Order Representation

Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, based in Staten Island, New York, is a full-service criminal defense law firm dedicated to providing aggressive legal representation in criminal court. With more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of criminal law, Leo Duval has successfully guarded the rights of clients facing allegations in domestic violence cases across the spectrum of related hearings.

New York created a problem-solving court, known as the Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) court, more than a decade ago. The IDV court has authority to hear domestic violence issues when criminal charges, a civil order for protection and divorce are implicated in a family offense. The litigants in a family abuse dispute do not have a choice when a case is referred to the IDV court, where a family court judge hears all of the issues. If you are accused of a family offense, it is critical that your lawyer has the knowledge and experience in criminal court, family court and IDV court to protect your rights.

Following a domestic violence arrest, law enforcement members may seek to question you. You have the right to have an attorney present for any questioning. You can also have an attorney present at your bail hearing. Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, is available 24/7, 365 days a year. He offers reasonable payment plans and makes house calls. He will zealously guard your rights in the face of domestic violence allegations.

A Trusted Lawyer Fighting For You

To request a free initial consultation with a trusted domestic violence lawyer with experience handling order for protection hearings, contact Leo Duval using the online form, or call 347-690-1777 any time of the day or night.